Abiramy Chinniah Santhanam

My counsellor was really helpful with full of professionalism and clearly understood my requirement. She also explained the steps to be taken for the process. Thank you for all the great service that you provided.

Program Participant

I can’t forget the day I first met the coordinator. I have nobody in Canada. I had lost my job and had difficulty in finding proper housing. I felt lonely and isolated. After meeting with her I was able to discuss my issues and with her help I am working towards resolving my issues. I continue to see her. I feel secured when I’m with her. Talking to her over the phone and the advice she gives me keeps me going on with life. Surely this program leads me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Kriman Koal , Level 4 & 5

Tesoc’s staff members from Teachers to coordinator and child-minders are so kind, experts and very helpful. I’d like to say for my teacher you’ve made a positive difference in my life. I’ll never forget this one thing you said to me. You saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. I’m still using skills you taught me. You’re the reason I accomplished this. For the coordinator I’d say
thanks for everything you help me with and your patience. Lastly for child-minders I’d thank them a lot for taking care of my daughter and all other kids and helping me to focus during my classes. Thanks for everybody In this school, I really appreciate your efforts and I’ll recommend all newcomers to go to this school.

Kobalenthira (Koby)

I was very happy that service was done at the right time. All the employees were very polite and friendly.

Ratna (Raj)

She is very helpful. I have a language problem and my worker helped with understanding.

Ramanathan Sivakumaran

After I met my worker I received excellence service. I like to refer everyone to this Organization.

Loganathan Vinotha

Listened well to our problems and gave suggestions. Helped us in everything.


This place is amazing and helpful. Services are fantastic since I came in this place very warm welcome.


The worker that I met was very professional, polite and timely. Please continue this excellent work. Thank You

Vickranth Jevabashkharan

Very helpful and understanding I really appreciate my worker.

Rashad Ilasiyev

My counsellor has provided us with timely and accurate translation Service. His knowledge of Azari, Turkish and Russian languages is contributive and very useful in providing of such services.

Nisbat Babayeva

My counsellor is very polite and kind person. He is always helpful and professional in his duties. I am very grateful for the services provided by him.

Jeyanthini Balasingam

I am a disabled student in the LINC program. I am grateful to TESOC for providing me with wheel Trans support, housing, health services and LINC English classes.

Fazmila Farween

I arrived in Canada in 2015. I joined Tesoc LINC to improve my English language skills and was placed in level 4/5. I learned the language and now I am fluent in my language skills. I thank my teacher and Tesoc for making my success. I have no hesitation in referring others to Tesoc.

Bellal Hossain Khan

I arrived in Canada in 2017 and was hesitant to speak English. After an assessment at YMCA I joined Tesoc LINC level 4/5 class and on first day itself I felt to be fortunate to be a student in that class. My teacher was amazing and helped me a lot in improving all the four language skills. I will recommend Tesoc to anyone in my community who wish to learn.

NIDA SABOOR, Level 3 & 4

Tesoc at Lansdowne is in my area and it is very convenient for me to learn English. The staff is really professional and helpful to everybody. I would strongly recommend TESOC Lansdowne to all newcomers who want to study English and use the child-minding services here.

Jamal Suraj, Level 1 & 2

Instructors and staff of Tesoc were very supportive and made my stay valuable. Thank you.

Hui Ling Yu (Level 1 & 2)

I would recommend Tesoc to all my friends and others for its excellent services. Thank you.

Saba Miraz

We came from far just to have our applications done by the settlement worker at Tesoc because they were strongly recommended by many of our friends. We truly appreciate the hard and excellent work we received.

Georgette Abdelmalak

We came to Tesoc for the French speaking Settlement worker who helped us from beginning till the end Thank you Tesoc.

Safwan Tasabihji

I came from far because I was told that Tesoc has the best Settlement workers and they are thank you.

Hanaa Askandar

Tesoc helped me with my refugee claim, Ontario Works, Legal Aid, Tesoc staff are very wonderful helpful and very very caring.

Moustafa Abdlhadey

Tesoc staff made it so easy and joyful to me. Having Tesoc in my area is an asset to the
community, I would strongly recommend Tesoc to all my family and friends to use the services
at Tesoc, and I appreciate their valuable support.

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