About Us

Since 1978, Tesoc has been helping thousands of newcomers annually to ensure they are smoothly integrated into the Canadian society. Our dedicated staff continue to provide exceptional services to meet the growing needs of newcomers and immigrants.

Who We Are

Tesoc was registered in 1978 as a non-profit organization under the Ontario Corporations Act. Since its inception, it has been serving the community fulfilling its mandate of serving immigrants in their settlement and adaptation into Canada.

The organization is governed by a BOARD OF DIRECTORS, consisting of 13 members of the community. These Directors are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. There are about 40 staff members to serve the community under its various programs. In addition, more than 30 volunteers also help the organization run its various programs and activities.

In its attempts to serve the community in all possible areas, the organization is aided by the funds provided by Federal and Municipal governments. The organization’s primary funders are Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Government of Canada and City of Toronto. On its own, the organization provides SERVICES and conducts activities like workshops and seminars through fundraising and partnerships with other community agencies.

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Mission Statement

Tesoc is dedicated to providing opportunities and services to newcomers and immigrants from the Tamil community and other ethno cultures. We are also committed to promote smooth integration into Canadian mainstream, by enhancing the lives of newcomers through programs designed for settlement, employment and personal growth.

Vision Statement

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of newcomers and immigrants by providing responsive, efficient and high quality settlement services that promote self sufficiency, well being and prosperity of newcomer and immigrant individuals and families.

Énoncé de Mission

TESOC est dédiée à offrir des possibilités et des services aux nouveaux arrivants et des immigrants de la communauté tamoule et les autres ethno-culture. Nous nous engageons également à promouvoir l’intégration harmonieuse dans la société canadienne en général, en améliorant la vie des nouveaux arrivants par le biais des programmes conçus pour l’établissement, l’emploi et la croissance personnelle.

Énoncé de Vision

Notre but est d’améliorer la qualité de vie des nouveaux arrivants et les immigrants en fournissant des réactifs, efficaces et de haute qualité des services d’établissement visant à promouvoir l’autosuffisance, bien-être et la prospérité des nouveaux arrivants et les personnes immigrantes et des familles.

Strategic Direction


Strategy 1:

Increase Community Awareness: Potential newcomers who are looking for our service needs to be reached. Better knowledge of our service should be done through public outreach.

Strategy 2:

Strive for Excellence: Invest in initiatives that strengthen our capacity for innovation and support organizational excellence.

Strategy 3:

Expansion: Newcomers are looking for all services at one spot and also looking for services physically accessible.

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