• April 30, 2020
  • tesoc
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With the support of the OTF Resilient Community Fund, Tesoc has been able to continue to provide our services in person and remotely. 
We were able to purchase plexi-glass, installed on every staff table to ensure the safety of staff and our clients. Advanced screening protocols were implemented using automatic temperature monitoring stations, which further supported health and safety. 
Staff also received training on virtual service delivery as well as useful tools to use to provide effective support to newcomers. Confidentiality has been a focus for staff and clients associated with virtual service delivery. A new confidentiality policy was created for virtual service delivery, providing newcomers more confidence in online service delivery.  
During this pandemic, the mental health of staff has been our top priority. Supporting staff mental health with wellness packages and mental health workshops was the highlight of this project. Staff learned strategies for self-care and received resources to help support their positive mental health. 
A highlight of this project was the launch of the “Staff Wellness Calendar.” This 12 month calendar includes monthly staff wellness events, competitive and fun challenges, workshops, self-care packages, and resources. The calendar was launched on April 1st, 2021. 
Staff are excited and looking forward to supporting their own positive mental health and of those around them.