Tesoc Multicultural Settlement Services
Tesoc Services d’ètablissement multiculturel  
Serving community since 1978 / Servir la communautè depuis 1978  
The Psychotherapy/Counselling Program

Those new immigrants and others, who are beset with emotional and psychological situations, those who are hurting due to stress and distress in marital relationships, those who are unable to manage their anger, those who are beset with substance abuse and domestic violence, need to be helped to overcome these obstacles to normal functioning. This is the help that is offered by our professional psychotherapist and counsellors.

The psychotherapy/counselling program help those concerned with both individual, family and group therapy sessions. The Courts, Probation and Parole officers, Children Aid Societies, lawyers, and other social agencies and company employers and concerned individuals and resettlement workers refer clients to us.

The service consists in helping the clients to become aware of their feelings and share them with the therapist and/or in the group with the participants with the help of the therapist. They are helped to share their pain and hurt which eventually make them feel released and healed.

All in such need are welcome to our assistance which is without any cost.

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