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Employment Counseling

 The new immigrants who come to Canada face a constant barrage of obstacles when attempting to find a job. The removal of these barriers and obstacles as well as find employment for the new immigrants is the ultimate objective of the employment counseling.

 Employment counseling Program provides newcomers with knowledge, preparation, counseling and support prior to their entrance into the Canadian labor market.

Who is eligible?

Permanent resident of Canada (landed immigrant) or convention refugee

Canadian citizens, visitors or refugee claimants are NOT eligible for the Employment Counseling

Orientation Workshop Highlights:

  • Orientation to the Canadian labor market
  • Self-assessment and skill-gap analysis
  • Exploring career prospects
  • Advertised and unadvertised job sources
  • Effective resume and cover letter writing
  • Networking and techniques for contacting employers
  • Workers’ rights and employment standards

Job Assistance

  • Counseling and advice on job search related matters
  • Resource library
  • Assistance with resume creation
  • Information and referral  
  • Finds prospective employers
  • Arrange for job interviews
  • Job placement / volunteer placement
  • Continuing support until job is found
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